Google Ads for powerQuad

To continue the growth of the business, powerQuad got in touch to see if we could work with them to take over management of, and maximise their Google Ads activity, to drive awareness, enquiries, and conversions for new business. 

What do you know about cleaner, greener portable energy? If the answer is ‘not as much as I need to’ then our client powerQuad could be worth checking out. They offer a practical way to deliver temporary power without the mess and noise traditionally associated with generators – their powerQuads provide simple, automated cost-effective solutions whilst also helping clients choose a sustainable solution. 

Getting Started with Google Ads

powerQuad were up and running with Google Ads but were looking to maximise the performance and budget, and get some additional expertise and advice. 

Our first step was to undertake an investigation of the account, review performance and troubleshoot issues. Based on the results of that work, we then undertook step two, to complete the necessary remedial works to improve ad quality and relevance, further segmenting keywords into more ad groups. 

This work moved the account and campaigns into a stronger position and allowed us to move into step three – ongoing monitoring and management of the account, within the agreed monthly ad spend. This includes a monthly meeting where we review performance, highlight any issues, and discuss and agree developments for the following month. 

Our work on the account has produced a significant increase in the number of conversions and a decrease in the cost per click, allowing the advertising budget to go further. 

Paul Cole, Co-founder of powerQuad shared his thoughts. 

powerQuad are an engineering and manufacturing company led by engineers. We lack marketing skills. We tried Google ads for a year with some success but when Google change to GA4, it all got terribly confusing as to what we needed to do to both fix and improve our adverts.  

We knew of Mzuri from local networking at BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, and so reached out to see if they could help. We quickly discussed what we needed and within a couple of weeks we were seeing a turnaround in online enquires from our landing page(s).  

With a perfectly short monthly catchup we discuss improvements and changes based on the data, and it’s gone from strength to strength. We continue to work with Mzuri on this as we grow with the intention to bring new products, offerings, and services to new campaigns.

Do Your Google Ads Need An Overhaul?

If you’re looking to get started with Google Ads or your current set up needs some TLC, get in touch and find out how we can help. +44 (0) 1428 722990, 

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