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Open Source Satellite



The Open Source Satellite programme has been created by an innovative team of experts who's vision is to make Space more accessible, and to promote the responsible and sustainable utilisation of Space through establishing an innovative online community.

They are seeking to develop an accessible, highly capable, cost-effective, micro satellite platform from which people can readily develop future space based systems.

We were delighted to work with the Open Source Satellite team to design, build and launch the first stages of their website to assist in building a community platform to share ideas and knowledge.


Having worked with the founder for several years, we were delighted to be approached to work with the team to develop their brand and launch their initiative through animation, print, social media and web development projects.

The brief set out the need for a brand that encapsulated the depth of the knowledge and experience the founders had, whilst retaining a youthful contemporary feel that reflected the user persona. We created a strong and robust icon, based on the sillohuette of a stylised satellite and developed a strong colour palette  portraying a 'no barriers, open approach'and illustrative style that formed the basis of the website and the launch animation video we created with Hollinger Scott.

Following on from the client final logo selection, a draft of storyboard was drawn up in-house before drawing on the talent of one of our external animation experts who worked closely with designer, copyrighter and the Open Source team to create the final 105 second animation that captured the essence of this unique endeavour, 'where collaborative development makes a difference'.

Phase one of the website project was to create a clear, easy-to-navigate, engaging site with a provision to provide accessible resources enabling the team and its users  to tell their story and connect with their community.

The site has been built with future developments and growth in mind with a simple userface. Our bespoke CMS allows us to develop precision updates with ease and is the perfect platform no matter how complex the future developments and functionality may be. To maximise reach and ensure compliance with current best practice, the site was designed to be fully responsive for optimal viewing across mobile, tablets and desktop.

The initial site launch comprised a carefully constructed Phase I site, with Phase II developments already in the planning stages. We look forward to continuing to work with Open Source Satellite to expand their online presence.

To find out more about the Open Source Satellite programme and their vision to promote the responsible and sustainable utilisation of satellites in space, visit: opensourcesatellite.org

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