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Cornerstone Barristers are a London law firm with Chambers in Greys Inn as well as subsidiary offices in Cardiff and Birmingham. We were introduced to the firm by an existing client and were delighted to be invited to work with them on the development of their new Chambers website. 

The key elements of the brief were to develop a website that was as easy to use as possible from both the front end, user experience point of view and the back end, content management side. In addition, the client was keen to present the Chambers in a fresh, modern and accessible light balanced with the sense of experience, establishment and expertise. The design of the website also acted as a strategic phase in the creation of a new broad, brand look for the firm, bringing in new colours, fonts and photographic styles to reinvigorate the current Cornerstone brand style.

The site is extensive with a great deal of content and so our challenge was to take a complex brief, site plan and functionality list and plan the development of a site that looks simple and straightforward with a clear and well managed visitor journey while effectively managing large quantities of data.

A huge element of the content management is based on databases that are filtered in various ways to produce page content, making managing and updating content as efficient as possible.

The site is responsive and has been built with search engine optimization (SEO) and modern usage in mind and so works as effectively on mobiles and tablets as it does on a desktop.

Our client, commenting following the launch of the site said, "We are thrilled with our new website. It was a big project for us and a huge challenge to come up with a site which encapsulates how all our stakeholders feel about the brand, but we managed it thanks to Mzuri. They really understood what we were trying to achieve and came up with innovative ideas and helpful advice throughout the process. We will certainly work with them again."

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