Event collateral for CUG 2016 London event

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts



The Cray User Group is an independent, volunteer-organised international corporation of member organisations that own or use Cray computer systems, with emphasis on high-end performance, technical computing and visualisation. We have been working with them since 2016 on materials to support their events.

Working in collaboration with Event Director, Emma Jeffery, we developed the design and specification of all the materials for the CUG 2016 event in London.

As with all events there are myriad touch points with delegates, so a broad range of materials were developed including registration postcards for the delegates, sponsorship posters, menus, artwork for merchandise / promotional clothing and pop up banners.

Themed evening events – such as the 'British Pub Night' – were developed and supported by a range of printed materials, including postcard invitations.

The 'London Through The Ages' theme was illustrated by artwork we developed of Tower Bridge shown in transition from a drawing from past times moving through to a modern image on the other side of the bridge with present day London landmarks. This artwork was used across materials for the event.

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