New brand identity for Badgerswood Surgery

As part of wider project, long-term client Badgerswood Surgery needed a new brand identity. To kick off the project, we invited the team to complete a brand identity questionnaire. The questionnaire is an opportunity for clients to stop and think about what they like and dislike, who their competitors are and what they are doing, the messaging they’d like the logo to convey, as well as colours, fonts and logo usage – amongst other elements. Capturing the team views is really useful way to help shape the brief and objectives for a new identity.

Logo concepts

Once we had reviewed the questionnaires and agreed the brief, it was time for to get the creative process flowing and logo concepts underway. Typically, there are several rounds of development when working on a new logo. Our role is to work with our clients to understand and interpret their brief, refining the elements of the logo to achieve the final design.

We used two themes as the inspiration for the logo development; family, community & people and nature & community. We looked at abstract and conceptual executions as well as more traditional routes to explore these themes.

Logo usage

When developing a logo, it’s important to consider how and where the logo will be used. For Badgerswood, the logo is utilised across print, social media, signage and a new website. Watch this space on the new website! As part of our creative development process, we ‘stress-test’ logos to ensure it will work across the different mediums.

The final logo

Following the development process, which includes choosing a font, text position and size, and colour palette, the final logo was chosen. Representing good health, teamwork, trust and compassion with a muted colour palette, the new Badgerswood logo was agreed. We also developed colour palettes for other related areas of the business for future roll out.

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