A WordPress website refresh for Seismic Venture Partners

Seismic Venture Partners are a local boutique fund management company with services in three distinct areas of income, investment and venture.

Having collaborated before on projects, Seismic approached Mzuri searching for a website refresh to provide a more user focused platform to direct their varied client and prospects to. The work needed to be completed within a very tight timescale to meet a project deadline for Seismic.

We were thrilled to work with them on this project. We started by researching and agreeing with them a new theme which complimented their brand and met their project objectives for the website refresh, clearly presenting the services they offer to their target audiences in a simplified way compared to their previous site.

Customising the template to suit the brand identity

Seismic Venture Partners have a visually striking identity and so we were keen of course to showcase this throughout the new site. The theme we chose allowed us to utilise the brand colours throughout and apply parallax to show animated growth through their statistics and key information.

Creating a better user experience

Working closely with the Seismic team, we reviewed the user experience on their previous site and mapped out the journeys for each customer type, highlighting roadblocks and solutions along the way. This process helped the team get a better feel for how the content should be accessed by the users and allowed us to create an effective site map and design to reflect this. It also highlighted the need for us to rework elements of the structure of the site to support new content, refine the navigation and embed calls to action in key areas.

A smooth transition from old to new

As with all website projects, there were many elements to consider when we switched the theme of the site over, including ensuring all relevant redirects were in place, meta data and tags applied and that SEO management was considered across all pages. Once the site was complete, we worked to manage all final steps to ensure a seamless changeover from their previous website to the new one.

A happy client

The team at Seismic Venture Partners were delighted with their site and the fact that we delivered within such a short timescale. We are looking forward to working with the Seismic team again in the future.

To find out more about Seismic Venture Partners and their service offering visit: Seismic.vc

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