Marketing support for local Graduate Sports Therapist

Following our move last year to BASE Innovation Centre in Bordon, we have been embracing the opportunity to network with many of the other businesses in BASE, as well as those locally in Bordon. It has been a great opportunity for us to get to know a few of our business neighbours!

Making contact and coming up with a plan

Joanna of Balanced Bodies was located at BASE when we first met, and came to us seeking ongoing support on her social media and marketing strategy. Starting with a few initial calls and reviewing her current work, we were tasked with building a strategy to support increased brand awareness and visibility of her Injury Rehabilitation Clinic in the local area.

Client case studies to raise awareness and build trust

Having spoken with Joanna about the ethics and philosophy behind Balanced Bodies, we felt that one key stream of communication to raise awareness and build trust was through development of client case studies on her website and sharing on social and other channels. We had the pleasure of speaking to several of Joanna’s clients, we used their personal injury rehabilitation stories and experiences to form meaningful and in-depth case studies for her website. These formed part of a broader content strategy across website, social and client communications. 

Providing ongoing support to save Joanna time and drive success!

With case studies as one of our first projects, we have continued to provide Balanced Bodies with comprehensive marketing and design support across a host of different areas. For social and content, our design team came up with an array of post templates, tailored to Joanna’s brand colours and aesthetics, which we now use to maintain a consistent image throughout her website and social channels. We tap in to Joanna’s in-depth technical and industry knowledge, to add to the mix as we formulate and execute a custom monthly content plan to reach the target audience of Balanced Bodies. We ensure the copywriting for each post is completed to a high standard, with suitable and relevant keywords and hashtags included to see the best post-performance.

Feedback from Joanna 

Joanna expressed her joy of working with Mzuri, saying, 

“I can’t recommend Mzuri enough. They worked with me right from the very first conversation to make sure that I had a bespoke service that worked for me. 

As a microbusiness owner, investing in marketing was very important for me as I needed to make the right choice of expertise to help guide me through the minefield of social media. 

They have guided me through the highs and lows of running a small business and the team have excelled at everything they do. They are highly professional, experienced but bring compassion and humour to their interactions with me.

I can’t rate them enough and recommend that you pick up the phone to them today to start a conversation!” 

We’re so pleased we’ve been able to help Joanna succeed as a small business and can’t wait to continue our work together over the coming years.

If you’re seeking marketing, design, social or digital support for your business, why not get in touch? We tailor our services to your needs and budget and would be delighted to hear from you.

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