One-page website and brand advice for start-up company Lydia Digital

Lydia Digital, a new start-up printer in London, approached us for help with establishing their initial online presence. Eager to make their mark and respond to some early sales leads, they needed an initial one-page website launched very quickly.

Initial discussions and brand development consultancy

As a part of our initial discussions, we provided advice and support on the brand development for Lydia Digital, which was already in development with an international agency. We offered feedback and suggestions at each stage of the branding process and cemented our advice in marketing considerations for the launch and brand awareness campaigns planned. It was great to see everything come together and see the evolution of the brand to its final form.

A speedy solution to get our client up and running

From our conversations with the General Manager of Lydia Digital, Ian Krangel, we decided that in order to get their name out there as soon as possible, we would work to provide a single-page website to get them up and running. From first discussion to completion, the website only took us 10 days from start to finish to meet the business requirements.

Giving advice on future developments

With the initial Lydia Digital website now up and running to support their sales campaigns, we have discussed future plans of an e-commerce site with the client, guiding them on design; key messaging, and future-focussed advice on what the development will entail.

It was great to work on this project with Lydia Digital, helping them with the early developments of their collateral. If you or your business is in need of marketing support, do get in touch today, we offer a free initial consultation.

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