Our Mission: Creating a unique digital space for a collaborative community.

Since September 2018, we have been busy working with the Open Source Satellite team on developing a brand, vision and digital presence to support the launch of their new initiative.

The Open Source Satellite programmes mission is to develop an accessible, highly capable, cost-effective, micro satellite platform from which people can readily develop future space based systems. Our challenge was to develop a unique brand with a sense of authority, to not only reflect their goal but also the founders many years of expertise in the space industry.

A bold brand for a unique vision

Our starting point was clear, we invested time with the client to discuss, plan and scope out the long term vision for the brand and the marketing channels suitable for making the clients vision a reality.

The logo was designed to portray a ‘no barriers, open approach’ which set the scene and the concept for the launch campaign: A teaser animation ‘Imagine a world…’

This was followed with an alternative to a business card style ‘leave behind’, which invited receivers to find out more about what was to come.

Creating a space for a growing community

From the outset, we knew that this project needed to be able to grow with the community it is building, and the design and functionality of the website needed to reflect this.

As with the logo design, the brief set out the need for a website which encapsulated the depth of the knowledge and experience of the founders, whilst keeping an illustrative look and feel. We further developed the strong colour palette giving each section its own visual identity.

We designed and developed a site which provides accessible information, a clear vision of their goals as well as opportunities for users to engage, debate and be part of the community.

A fabulous project

The launch campaigns digital presence will give users and the community a chance to learn, teach, collaborate and flourish. It provides a unique, accessible community platform where ideas can be shared and developed.

The team at the Open Source Satellite programme were delighted with the series of projects we have delivered for them throughout this period.┬áJohn Paffett, founder said “A fantastic project is an understatement, the team did a fabulous job in an amazing time scale.”

For the Open Source Satellite team the journey is just beginning, and we look forward to working with them on the next stages of their adventure.

To find out more about the Open Source Satellite programme and their vision to promote the responsible and sustainable utilisation of satellites in space, visit: opensourcesatellite.org

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