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Social media while socially distancing

Some people have been socially distancing or in isolation for weeks already, for others it’s still a relatively new way of life. However, it’s fair to say that it’s an adjustment for us all. At Mzuri, we’re on week 3 of working from home. We’re maintaining business as usual via Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, email and of course old-fashioned phone calls.

Like everyone, in our downtime we’ve been spending more time on social media. Every business is aiming to reduce the effects of the pandemic and social media – if used well – can be an effective tool. Helping to keep you top of mind and your followers engaged until business can return to its new normal. We thought we’d share our thoughts on how to make the most of your social activity.

Be relevant

As always, your social content needs to be relevant to your business, followers and potential customers. You also need to look for ways to make your content relevant to the current situation too. Provide updates on how your business is adapting and what you’re doing to evolve your offering to continue to support your customers.

We’ve seen hairdressers doing online consultations and sending out home-colouring kits, gyms renting out their equipment and creating online exercise classes and pubs offering takeaway or delivery services. Being agile and responsive is more important than ever.

If you’re using a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or, make sure you sense check your scheduled posts. With guidelines evolving, you need to make sure each and every post is still appropriate to avoid any potential issues.

Be sensitive

These certainly are strange times. The circumstances we find ourselves in are different for everyone, so all of your communications need to be mindful of this. Whenever you publish any content, you have the ability to create connections, be positive and start conversations. Now more than ever, make sure you’re starting the right kind of conversations with your content. 

You don’t have to mention Coronavirus in every single post. However, carrying on as normal and not appreciating how your followers’ lives are changing would be a mistake. At a time when we are physically distanced from loved ones, connections via social media are even more important. 

Get personal

For many, one of the adjustments to working from home is the lack of ‘office banter’. Whether it’s a post-weekend catch up over the kettle boiling or swapping thoughts on the latest Netflix boxset while at the printer, working from home does rather curb this interaction. In your social media, create personal content and show the human side of your business and the situation we’re in. Now could be a great time to do that ‘meet the team’ post, introducing team members, what they do for your business, who they are and how they’re working at the moment. 

Sharing an insight into the personal side of your business is always very popular on social media. At a time when we need social connection, be brave and get personal!

Sharing is caring

Try sharing relevant content from other companies. Good news stories, great initiatives and helpful hints are good ways to keep your content relevant and also show you care. Look at supporting other local businesses as they adapt too, we’re all in this together.

Posts on homeschooling or ways to bake a cake without eggs may not be directly related to your business, but sharing these ideas all helps to stay connected and feels more personal.

Get creative

Speed has been essential in communications over recent weeks, as businesses keep their customers and followers informed.

As things settle down and you have more time to consider your content, think about how you can be more creative. Video is a great way to achieve higher engagement and build relationships. If you’ve been thinking about video but not had the time, now could be perfect. Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and creating from scratch or making simple animations from photography, you’re likely to see some great improvements in your social metrics and have fun doing it too!

Using graphics, testimonials and sharing transformation photographs are all great ways to mix up your content and make sure you’re keeping your followers entertained.

Team Mzuri: physically distanced but still social!

Whilst Team Mzuri are working from our home offices, we’re on hand to assist with any social media content planning, creation and management you may need. We might be socially distancing, but we’re here to make sure your social media and marketing needs are met. And if you have any Netflix recommendations – we’d love to hear them!

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