Website enhancements for onlyFE

A website is an ongoing project!

While we hate to be the bearers of less-than-ideal news, a website is a perpetual work in progress. As your business expands and transforms, your website should keep pace, staying current for both potential and existing customers, not to mention staying on Google’s good side!

Our long-time client, onlyFE, recently got in touch with the goal of enhancing their website and expanding content for potential and returning clients. onlyFE offers a cost-effective solution for hiring within the FE & Skills sector, an undoubtedly competitive field.

Improving user experience and content

With a history of collaboration with numerous FE partners, onlyFE aimed to develop an existing web page, creating a straightforward guide to their advertising packages and fees.

Whether it’s a subscription to a streaming service or membership at your local gym, we’re all accustomed to seeing ‘packages’ laid out in a clear manner, detailing what’s included at each level and the corresponding fee.

onlyFE provides three advertising packages. Our task was to showcase them, illustrating the value inherent in each package, particularly emphasising the added benefits as the package price increases.

We designed and built the bespoke onlyFE website several years ago. The bespoke platform allows for seamless development of the site, free from restrictions imposed by themes or templates that might limit functionality or design.

onlyFE’s new Advertise page

Through close collaboration with Richard at onlyFE, we designed the new page based on provided content and swiftly launched it. This enabled the onlyFE team to promptly share it with existing clients and their broader network.

The revamped page prominently displays the three packages, making it easy for clients to choose the most suitable option. We included a clear call to action, inviting clients to get in touch and kickstart their recruitment process.

Richard shared his thoughts on the project:

Due to rapidly changing market conditions, we decided to revise and refresh our product offering. To catch our target audience before the Christmas slowdown, we required a quick turnaround. 

Alex and the team at Mzuri quickly came to our aid and were full of ideas, we had a brief for them to follow. Great communication throughout with regular updates, we pushed the button to go live earlier this week.

Very happy and we would recommend the guys to other SME’s in the area.

When was the last time you updated your website?

If it’s been a while, we completely understand. Managing a business involves juggling numerous tasks. That’s where we come in. If your website needs some tender loving care, let’s discuss how we can whip it into shape for 2024 and beyond. Contact us at or give us a call +44 (0) 1428 722990.

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