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Don’t have an SSL? Here’s why it’s important for your website and your business.

It’s becoming more important than ever to ensure that your website protects your customers data and privacy from hackers. SSL certificates are now a recommended practice to help provide this protection, and also offer a host of other benefits such as improving your Google search rankings to support your SEO strategy.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ and is the secure technology which encrypts and protects server to client communications. It not only provides a sign of security but also verification that the site is legitimate.

An SSL certificate holds the following information:

-Name of the holder

-Serial number and expiration date

-Copy of the certificate holders public key

-Digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

Once an SSL is applied to your site, your site can be configured to use HTTPS with a familiar green lock icon and the word ‘Secure’ in your address bar.

Why it’s important…

1. SSL Protects Data

The core function of an SSL is to protect all communication between your web server and the visitors browser, which is especially important when visitors complete forms containing personal information. Once an SSL has been installed every bit of information on your site is encrypted.

2. SSL Affirms Your Identity

Identity verification is one of the most important aspects of web security and the application of an SSL certificate will provide authentication to your site.

3. Better Search Engine Ranking

Google has changed its algorithm to give increased ranking to those sites with an SSL applied. Read more on this below.

4. SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI Requirements

If your site has an e-commerce functionality and accepts online payments your site must be PCI compliant, and having an SSL is one of the requirements set by the payment card industry.

5. SSL Improves Customer Trust

Displaying a ‘Not Secure’ message on your site is no doubt going to deter your potential customers from using your site. Applying SSL will remove the warning message and promote your site as a legitimate entity.*

Google makes SSL mandatory.

To ensure that safer browsing was applied for all internet users, in 2018 Google implemented a system which flags any websites which did not have an SSL certificate as ‘Not Secure’.

To provide privacy, security, and identity verification, Google wants to move the web towards HTTPS. They’ve done so in many ways, but the main are through increasing the SEO ranking for those sites that are secure  and by highlighting in search results and web browsers those sites that aren’t.

75% of websites visited in Chrome on Windows are now using HTTPS, according to Google’s transparency report.

If your site is in need of an SSL and you’d like assistance with installing an SSL certificate on your site, get in touch with us – we’d be more than happy to help.


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